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Customer Engagement Isn’t Just for B2C Anymore

As Seen In HVACR Distribution Business

Sep 19, 2016, By Steve Damerow



In the HVAC world, motivating contractors and other sales channel partners to do business with you can be tricky. While business-to-consumer (B2C) companies can be endlessly creative with their products and marketing, HVAC companies don’t have much opportunity to outshine the competition from a business value perspective. As with many other business-to-business (B2B) industries, HVAC products and services must adhere to certain standardizations of safety and functionality.

But with today’s connective technology, “touchy feely” marketing concepts such as customer engagement and personal value – long-held traditions in the B2C world – are migrating into B2B. Engagement tools such as customer loyalty and sales reward programs are undergoing a renaissance, making them more effective and easier than ever for B2B companies to utilize.

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TECH STRATEGIES to Streamline Incentive Programs and Enhance ROI


By Steve Damerow, CEO Incentive Solutions

Exclusive to Counterman Magazine



Those with ample experience in business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing have undoubtedly wrestled with this question: Should we implement an incentive program? Incentive programs have traditionally been tough to administer due to lack of staff to manage the program and inadequate or non-existent methods of measuring its ROI. Today’s technology has changed all that, turning incentive programs into smart investments that produce better, faster results.

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OTHER VOICES: Get more out of your business’ sales incentives via mobile tech

By Steve Damerow,  August 24, 2016

Special to Tire Business

Simply put, the purpose behind all incentive plans is to motivate participants to do something they otherwise won’t do.

There are many reasons why your tire distribution partners or customers may not be swallowing the incentives you’re dangling in front of them.

Maybe they don’t have time. Or your incentive rewards don’t impress them. Maybe the thought of filling out a sales claim form makes their brain go numb with boredom.

The good news is that incentive programs have undergone a facelift, thanks to mobile technology.

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