Improve Sales Tracking Using Incentive Program Technology

by Steve Damerow

As seen in the January 5, 2017 edition of Industrial Distribution

Competition is stiff in our economy of stagnant, matured B2B markets. At the same time, channel distributors have a world of information literally at their fingertips. They make many important sales decisions quickly and demand fast, convenient interactions with suppliers. Being able to offer your distributors extra value with distribution incentive rewards can make you immediately more appealing than the competition. When you offer your incentive program through an online platform, you gain additional sales tracking tools that allow you to not only boost revenue but feed better, cleaner, and more valuable sales insights into your business.

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B2B Sales Incentives as a Powerful Advocacy Marketing Tool

by Steve Damerow, June 13, 2016

Exclusive to Incentive Magazine



Most people rarely think of incentives as influencing sales decisions through a business-to-business (B2B) distribution channel. Yet the fundamental purpose of incentives remains the same no matter what the context: to influence people to take certain actions. And people respond to, “what’s in it for me?” whether they are employees, customers, or part of the B2B distribution.

According to the Department of Commerce, B2B spending is roughly twice that of B2C spending. Clearly, it is time for B2B incentives to take a page from B2C customer loyalty programs and promote B2B advocacy selling.

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TECH STRATEGIES to Streamline Incentive Programs and Enhance ROI


By Steve Damerow, CEO Incentive Solutions

Exclusive to Counterman Magazine



Those with ample experience in business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing have undoubtedly wrestled with this question: Should we implement an incentive program? Incentive programs have traditionally been tough to administer due to lack of staff to manage the program and inadequate or non-existent methods of measuring its ROI. Today’s technology has changed all that, turning incentive programs into smart investments that produce better, faster results.

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