• Speaker, Author & Expert on Incentives to Drive B2B Sales

    Steve Damerow

    Steve Damerow is the nation’s leading authority on how to strategically design and implement incentive programs to drive business sales and influence channel partners. His expertise focuses on motivating the different generations in today’s workforce—with notable emphasis on millennials. Steve is the founder and now chairman of The Incentive Solutions Group of Companies, a $50 million incentives enterprise.

    Steve Damerow

Steve on the Importance of Reward Programs:

“Reward programs are no longer an afterthought—but rather an integral component of sales and marketing plans. With the right incentive program in place, levels of engagement are 20x higher than before and corporate sponsors average a 400% ROI, including a 60% increase in qualified leads.”

Steve on Multi Channel Loyalty Programs:

“Companies succeed by blending social media, online training, crowd sourcing, and smart phone technology with traditional reward functionalities of incentives and rebates—creating a true two-way source of engagement.”

Steve on Improving Sales Tracking through Incentive Program Technology:

“Being able to offer extra value with distribution incentive rewards can make you immediately more appealing than the competition. When you offer your incentive program through an online platform, you gain additional sales tracking tools that not only boost revenue but feed better, cleaner, and more valuable sales insights into your business.”

Steve on Using Incentives as a B2B Advocacy Marketing Tool:

“Today’s responsive incentive programs use connective technology, placing access to rewards directly on decision-makers’ smartphones and drastically reducing the delay in reward gratification. This enables these incentive programs to be wielded as powerful B2B advocacy marketing tools.”

Steve on Using B2C Marketing Concepts in B2B Sectors:

“With today’s connective technology, marketing concepts such as customer engagement and personal value – long-held traditions in the B2C world – are migrating into B2B. Engagement tools such as customer loyalty and sales reward programs are undergoing a renaissance, making them more effective and easier than ever for B2B companies to utilize.”